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First Light-Conclusion
A Blessed Thanksgiving to All. A. Crowe
By wrify Posted in Conclusion on November 21, 2018 0 Comments 12 min read
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A moment or two passed before he looked up. Back from his musing he smiled showing those teeth again and stated very quietly;

“When I was just about your age”, he began, “my Dad saw me standing and staring and asked me why I always spent so much time just staring at flowers and rocks and picket fences and, well, at just about everything under the sun”.

“I couldn’t give him a good answer, at first.” Adam mused out loud. “In fact, I didn’t really know why I stared so much at everything.”

“I just knew that I was mesmerized, not so much by what I was looking at, but by how the shapes seemed to change as I watched and how the light could make something so simple look so complex just by light making shadows.”

He looked at both Elizabeth and her daughter for a moment and said, “Are you sure you want me to go on? ”

Margaret looked at her Mom and Elizabeth at her and then both turned towards Adam and nodded their heads in unison. As they nodded they both smiled and said at the same time,”Please.” And Elizabeth added, “If you don’t mind. I think we would both love to hear the story.”

The photographer stood up and walked to the brow of the hill where he turned and motioned for them to come stand by him. When they came up beside him he pointed at the next hill and then at the pond down below. He mentioned the way the hills sloped into the pond as though making a bowl where water could stay and then looked directly at Margaret. They stood looking at where he had pointed, puzzled, and then he spoke,

“Look very closely at the way the light shines on the trees and the pond”, he said pointing. “ Do you see the way it touches each leaf ever so gently and doesn’t leave one of them without some portion of light or shadow?” They looked hard at the trees for a moment and then nodded.

Then he added,”Notice how the light changes so quickly that the eye can’t follow the shadows and the ripples on the pond. See how the ripples seem to make the light dance? How the leaves change shape with shadow and then light as they move? This is what I saw in everything as a child. The play of light and shadow.””This is why my father wondered at what I was seeing.”

Adam looked down at the ground for a moment then looked back at Mom and daughter.

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