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The Letter
Part 2
By wrify Posted in The Letter on May 11, 2018 0 Comments 6 min read
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Shaking off his revelry, David said a hearty good-bye to the Chickadees. He turned and headed for home with the “crapmail” clenched in one fist. Although he couldn’t whistle to save his soul he started, unconsciously, to do so. It was that kind of day and, as his friends knew only too well, nothing got David down for long. Along the way he got, and returned, a wave from his neighbor across the street Betsy. When Betsy saw him wave back she shouted out, “How are you doing David? I miss Christine and I know you must also.”

David walked across the street to speak to Betsy. As he was walking he returned to her, “Yeah, I do miss her but, you know, I have to keep going. It’s a for sure that nothing will ever replace her in my life.” As he got to where she was standing Betsy gave him a hug which he returned in kind. They spoke for a few minutes before David took his leave with a promise to come over for dinner at his convenience. “There will always a place set for you sweetie” was the Betsy’s parting comment. David walked back to his house and went inside.

The house, which had belonged to his grandma, was all of 1200 square feet and five rooms plus one bath. To say it was cozy would not be giving it credit. It had a fireplace in the living room and an old wood stove in the kitchen next to the stove which, during the cold winters, helped maintain the coziness of the house. David had repainted the inside of the house and was scraping, sanding and getting ready to paint the outside. Over the years the exterior paint had been peeling where the gutters and downspouts were fastened and David had decided last winter that he couldn’t let the summer go without repainting the entire house: inside and out. When he was outside doing the removal of paint a neighbor would occasionally come over and spend a few hours lending David a hand. All in all, David had no desire to move. Even the revelation of his grandma having left him some 4 million dollars could not affect a move. this had been home and would continue to be.

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