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From Susan
Part 3
By wrify Posted in The Letter on May 31, 2018 0 Comments 6 min read
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Sticking his finger tip between the body and flap he slit the envelope open. Inside was a single sheet of folded, light lavender paper. David turned the letter over to examine the time stamp on the cancellation of the stamp and saw that it had been sent just three days ago. Wondering if the dates of writing and posting were even close he checked the top of the letter itself after removing it from the envelope. As he suspected, there was a three week discrepancy between the dates which certified his belief that the letter had been carried around for a long while before being mailed.

With a deep breath he started to read. The lines were in a controlled and lovely cursive, each line compressed one below the other without slanting down or up; filling the page. It started simply enough:

Dear David,

I hope this finds you well. You probably don’t remember me but you and I went to high school together. That was years ago now but you had an incident with my then boyfriend, Geoffrey, when he thought you were trying to take me away from him, in junior year. I remember what happened like it was yesterday. I had tried to stop him, tell him you were not doing anything and that you and I were barely acquainted. He hit you mercilessly, knocking you down and bloodying your face. I was in horror and have never forgotten the fight.

In all honesty, it has haunted me until this day which is the reason I am writing you; out of the blue, so to speak.

David was, for a moment, confused. Then it hit him, like the guy mentioned in the letter. Susan! Susan Murphy! Crimeinitaly! (as close as David normally got to a swear.) Susan, beautiful Susan Murphy. I had a crush on her like there was no tomorrow!

Susan was an auburn haired beauty and her boyfriend, Geoff, had been pure punk. David had never understood what attracted such a smart and pretty girl to a guy who was a complete loser. He remembered the beating, oh yes, He still had a scar on his cheek from Geoffrey’s signet ring. There was something else, though, Susan had come to his aid after slapping Geoffrey for what he did. She had screamed at Geoffrey and told him to stop or they were through. The incident did not escape the attention of the Dean of Boys and Geoffrey was not seen around school for a month. David read on.

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