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By the Sea.

Life is, shall I say, interesting. As children we dream of places and situations which are of adventure and heroic feats, make believe and glimmering cities of gold.

In some sense, we carry those idealized constructs with us into adulthood. Not that we haven’t learned the difference between living and dreaming but we are “given” those idealizations through genetic bonds that harken back to our ancestors. It is these constructs which allow us to cope with the world and its harsh realities; always hoping that we can go there; even if just for a little while.

An author uses these to shape stories and allow others to go on make believe flights into his or her mind. In the formulation of these constructs, say, of fantasy, the telling becomes a responsibility which the author must hold up in front of he or she to properly build and shape a story which allow the reader to feel free to follow without tripping over grammar or sentence structure. This is the responsibility which I gladly take on with Cruces Gate. It will be challenging and this is something i’ve not done in a public venue except for college papers or short anecdotal memoirs for a long, long time.

The last one I wrote, titled “First Light,” was about a little girl, her mom and dad and the chance meeting of a photographer who taught the little girl to “see” the light as it danced, reflected and toned the forest which was in view to them. I edited and edited the clumsiness of sentences and grammar until I almost decided that getting back into story telling may not be for me after all the years passed since my creative writing courses in college. A strange thing happened though. I let my wife read the story and it brought a tear to her eye. That tear hit me like a weight from above. It was then that I realized that a story well told can allow a person a brief getaway from the day to day. A glamor of solace and, perhaps, hope that allows one to take another step forward in a world of dashed hopes and dreams.

It is for this reason that I decided to try again. To do so though I needed a venue. After much deliberation I decided to use my developing skills to make a little place to write, have what I write read, and then discuss, hopefully, meanings and depth. A small task, right?

Welcome to Cruces Gate. Through this gate await dreams and constructs. Hopes and sadness. Smiles and glory.

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