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First Light
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First Light-Conclusion

A Blessed Thanksgiving to All. A. Crowe

A moment or two passed before he looked up. Back from his musing he smiled showing those teeth again and stated very quietly; “When I was just about your age”, he began, “my Dad saw me standing and staring and asked me why I always spent so much time just staring at flowers and rocks […]

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First Light-One

My first story written after coming home from hospitalization from nearly dying.

I had a major health problem which nearly killed me in 2013. After coming home I knew that writing was the solution to how shaky I was then. Weak and not able to drive or fend for myself I dove into this story. It has to do with my daughter and how much I love […]

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First Light- two

2nd Installment

Breakfast done, they made ready to go for the long walk of the week. Margaret and her Mom walked every day. They had a routine you see. On school days the walks were short, with rapid steps around the block where they lived. They would chatter about the important items to follow on the day […]

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First Light-Three

On the Knoll

Immediately after Dolores’ house was the start of the uphill portion of the walk. It was dirt road, firetrail actually, mixed with small stones with a nice border of wild yellow-green grass and poppies of purple and orange. At the top of the steep climb the trail meandered on, curving through the oaks and bays […]

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