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Buck Hale-Part 10-The Ranger

It was as far as they could drive the Jeep. Pulling it over as close as he could to the edge of the trail both Geoff and Sylvia got out. Geoff opened the rear tailgate and pulled his pack out. The pack was an old, ratty and at one time tan with a green stripe. […]

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Buck Hale-Part 11-Prints

As a trio the Ranger, Geoff, and Sylvia ran to the fallen log; each at his or her own pace. The 28 year old Ranger did, of course, lead the charge with Sylvia merely walking fast as she could, stiff legged. Geoff, realizing Sylvia was lagging, stopped and turned to wait for her: hand out. […]

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Buck Hale-Part 12-Return

Buck remained hospitalized for 24 hours. What the doctors called, a “cautionary” measure. His ankle was badly sprained and his shoulder dislocated. With warnings not to go overboard trying to speed his recovery he retired with Geoff and Lisa to their ranch to begin the healing process. No one knew how the news got out […]

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