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For Your Joy


I am putting together, as I have little to do, a new website for people who write and are thinking about having a website similar to mine. I have been building websites since 2006 and wanted to offer this to my readers.

The website will allow you to have all the functions that you find here but with more simple themes to make it easier to build and get going quicker. Unless you are familiar with WordPress themes it is much wiser to start with simple and slowly work your way to frustration.

The website will be (isn’t there now) located at URL As I say, don’t try to go there yet as there is really nothing to see. Also, last but not least, I am installing a system here called “Buddy Press.”

Buddy Press is a social software of supreme design on which you have your own dashboard and accoutrement to better accommodate a social atmosphere. Buddy Press is installed but not yet set up. I will do so tomorrow as there are now two new members and I love company.

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