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Great News!


The website you’re on, Cruces, is going to undergo a major revamp!

A barn and I
After much consideration concerning having a blog, which also has multiple stories on it, I made the decision, just this morning, to revamp the entire website structure. I have done this before for other purposes but, like a sudden coming of a sunny dawn after the rain, it came to me that a multisite installation would solve the problems of stories written in ‘Post” format coinciding with news and articles, also in”post” format could be solve quite easily.
If you’re asking yourself what a “multisite” is I will tell you. WordPress installations have the option of having the main site, in this case, Cruces Gate, have multiple websites underneath it in the server structure. It hadn’t occurred to me before this or I would have done this at first.
What that means is that all the stories I write will have their own website under this main site. That resolves the issue of having so much mixed material crowded together in one place. the sub-sites will be only the stories themselves as I will move the stories already published here to their own websites making them independent, stand alone websites.
I have already got the installation in place and the first sub-site installed. I will provide a menu for you to peruse and click to go to any story you choose. There is will be in all its splendor (Ok, Crowe, settle down. Splendor indeed, hrumph!) Well, anyhow, it solves the issue of clutter and confusion. I am already working on it so it won’t be long at all. This site will become the blog only. The stories will have their won websites.
This new format might also allow you to have your very own website just like Cruces Gate! Only inexpensively!
Please, have enjoyment here.

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