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A barn and I

I have written a novel and two halves. To explain, I have always wanted to write a novel just to say I did. Being a writer for a very long time it was something that I felt would almost be like graduating from school or college. You know, you do all this work but really have nothing to show for it. The one novel, my first, is complete. I thought it out, wrote it from beginning to end and it has almost a thousand pages. To me, however, it stunk. To say I am a novelist though is now true so I feel good about that part.

The two halves mentioned above are novels that I started but have not finished. I don’t know if I will finish them because, truthfully, I don’t know if I want to be published. You might guess that I am a shy guy or have no drive. Have you ever written a complete novel? It is a ton of work and tests your memory and organizational skills to the max. That said, you also have to know that you have to think it is good enough and then you need the drive to publish. The thought of being published and having to do book tours sours my stomach. I hate to fly is part of the reason. the other is that I think to myself, I proved I could do it so let’s move on.

What I have decided to do is to some, foolish. I have decided to self-publish. Hence, this website and the short stories. Some may love the fact that there is no sex or mayhem or violence in my short stories but, frankly, I’ve had enough of all that stuff. I purchased this domain to write work that is: hopeful, funny and straight out of my life (and love of same). I did, however, have a monumental idea as I was writing my first short story right on the website. I will turn the two half novels into short stories and publish the here. After all, why not? they are equally gathering dust bytes in my computer so why not fluff them up and air them out right here.

I will be doing that soon. First I must finish my first short story which is available for your reading pleasure as Part 1, the Letter. the other Parts I will write in the next few days. this way, you can see my writing style and determine whether or not to bookmark this website or cast it into the dustbin of life’s little missteps. Either way I do want to thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your taking the time to do so.

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