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Amos Branson-Part 6-Fini 2
By wrify Posted in Part 6-Fini 2 on October 2, 2018 0 Comments 5 min read
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“Danny boy! What the hell are you doing here?” Dan introduced me as the one who originally called the “Amos thing” into the sheriff’s office. “Well, son, you did us a huge favor!” he slapped me on the back. “That was quite a mess. Worst I’ve seen since I’ve been sheriff these last 11 years. Mom and dad we found in an bedroom upstairs; all splayed out and posed; mummified. Been there, it looks, like at least two years. This piece of shit had it all walled off. We had to break down the whole damned wall but we knew they were there because of the stench. I guess that was what you meant when you said you were pretty sure something was dead out there. Gotta run but, thanks again.” He looked back at Amos. “You sorry piece of shit! You’re gonna fry for this. Your folks was good people. To good for the likes of you you son of a bitch!”

Amos smiled hugely; flipping the sheriff off from behind his back.



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