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Buck Hale-Part 7-The Herndons
By wrify Posted in The Herndons on August 12, 2018 0 Comments 4 min read
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“What time do you have in there?” yelled Geoff Herndon from the seat of his John Deere.

“Just a little after 2:00 pm!” yelled Sylvia from the kitchen. “What shall we have for dinner!”

Geoff started to yell back then said, “Oh hell!” to himself and stepped down off the tractor to become a bit more civilized than yelling back and forth allowed.

Walking up to the house he felt pretty good about the day’s work. The fields left to mow were done and his only problem came from a brief power outage that morning. If it was 2 pm, he figured, that meant he needed to set the time-clocks that controlled the irrigation forward twenty minutes.

In the kitchen Sylvia was peering into the fridge’s freezer. “Don’t think it’s too late to take out some venison steaks do you?”

Geoff said he thought that would be great because old Buck loved venison. “That’d be supercalifragillistic… and the rest of that nonsense.” he stated.

“Bet you can’t spell that,” Sylvia said with a grin.

Geoff grinned back, “Nope, don’t know how, don’t care to learn. I have to reset the time- clock’s and then I”ll be in to help.”

Sylvia looked up, “Buck thought he’d be here by about 3 when he called last week. Now I see the clouds rolling in. You think it’s alright? Could be a late summer storm. I’d hate to see him get soaked. He probably will if it rains. He never packs enough to stay dry. You’d think he’d have learned after 2011 and that freak storm that caught him without a tent or warm clothes.”

“He’ll be fine,” stated Geoff, “he’s a grown man and he knows his stuff.” With that Geoff got back to the tractor and headed out to the pump-house to take care of the time-clocks.

The pump house was a quarter mile from the main house. When they purchased the property he had a well sunk to 375 feet, The drillers had hit the aquifer and the water pressure at the well head was 300 gallons a minute. As Geoff heard one of the well drillers say, “That’s enough pressure to put a man on the moon.” Geoff didn’t know about that scientific fact, Geoff wasn’t an astro physicist, but he kind of doubted the veracity of that claim.

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