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The Letter-Part 6
By wrify Posted in The Letter on June 11, 2018 0 Comments 13 min read
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As Susan came back with water glasses in her hands she saw through the screen door David, still sitting, back to her, looking out at the morning dew which hadn’t yet evaporated. The Sycamores were fully leafed out and the old street was dappled in morning light. Looking at it, she realized just how beautiful and tranquil this place was. So different to what she was used to. She stood for a brief moment wondering if she was doing the right thing: coming to David. It was something she had decided to do without a lot of thought. Standing there, looking at his back, however, she was less certain now. In reality, thinking of his reaction when he turned and saw her, she felt the question of the rightness of this would have to await the answer which could only come from David. Again, she was left only with hope for now.

As she opened the screen door David looked back, got up and took a glass from her. “I think I need this,” he stated with a shy grin. “I’m not used to pleasant surprises. At least, I hope this is a pleasant surprise. I have to ask, Susan, why you came?” As he started this train of thought when Susan interrupted.

“Let’s sit down and I’ll do my best to explain.” She motioned to the stoop and sat down on the top stair. David sat beside her looking at her with a quizzical expression.

Susan was gazing out at the tree lined street. The air was graced with the coolness of the morning and the whisper of a breeze which would die within the hour as the day reached out with midday heat. For now, though, it was an idyllic scene. She turned to David and began:

“I guess I have to start with Geoff and the mistakes I made growing up without full realization of what the world was about. The world certainly has its good side but I think what I found was that the bad side of it permeates too many people. When a young girl starts getting romantic notions they don’t always come with wisdom.”

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